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The VOLNA-D acoustic generator is designed for generation and radiation of various tonal and noise signals, required for:
  • Measuring parameters of audio- and vibro-isolating properties of rooms, constructions and engineering services;
  • Testing effectiveness of acoustic and vibroacoustic noise masking;
  • Special examinations of main and auxiliary information processing equipment;
  • Measuring levels of acoustoelectric conversion signals;
  • Measuring mutual inductions in wire lines and from data transmitting equipment;
  • Evaluation of acoustic and vibroacoustic signals characteristics with octave and third-octave analysis .
The generator has manual, remote and automatic modes of control, which allow turning the generator on/off, setting signal level and selecting type of signal (noise or tone).

In automatic mode the generator successively switches over tonal frequencies and noises in octave bands with intervals of 10 seconds. Radio remote control operates on 315 MHz frequency. The RC can also operate through wire link. The generator can be controlled with a PC (USB port).

The VOLNA-D generator is assembled in magnetically shielded housing, installed on a tripod.

Along with a noise level meter and a PC with appropriate software the generator can be used in a system for acoustic and vibroacoustic measurements.
  • Generator unit
  • Loudspeaker
  • RC receiver rod antenna
  • RC transmitter with rod antenna
  • Power supply cable
  • Connection cables set
  • Wrench No 19
  • Tripod
Generation and radiation of acoustic signals:
  • Tonal frequencies, Hz
  • White noise in band, Hz
  • Noise in octave bands, Hz

  • 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 12500
    63 ~ 12500
    41.5-83, 83-166, 166-333, 333-666, 666-1333, 1333-2666, 2666-5333, 5333-10666
    Acoustic field pressure, not less than, dB
  • In all modes
  • At frequency of 1 kHz

  • 94
    Power supply, V 22010%
    Modulation format ASK
    Output power, mW 1000
    Level of side emanations from carrier level, not higher than, dB 40
    Power supply voltage (4 AAA batteries), V 6
    Consumption current, no more than, mA:
  • Standby mode
  • Transmission mode

  • 0.04
    Operation frequency, MHz315.0 0.1
    Dimensions without antenna, mm 173 67 29.5
    Weight, kg 0.4


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