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Special chemicals are employed for protection of personal and public valuables, paper documents and electronic information medium, installations safety, etc

The most widespread chemicals in security market are chemical markers or photo luminescent compounds.

These compounds are colorless under daylight, but they acquire luminescent color under ultraviolet light.

Wide variety of such compounds allows getting different color luminescence.

Some compounds are activated only by "hard" ultraviolet radiation (254 nm), others are activated by "soft" ultraviolet light (365 nm) or by infrared light (980 nm).

Some markers have the so-called "concentrated quenching" effect: when concentration of the compound is high, it does not emit luminescence.

If press a marker trace with a paper cloth, soaked in a solvent and get its imprint, it will become visible under UV light.

Various chemical compounds are used as markers, their action are based on the following reactions:
  • Luminescence under light with different wavelength: from "hard" ultraviolet to infrared
  • Color indicator reactions
  • Skin reactions, caused by some reagents

  • Protect documents against forgery or substitution by protecting paper or letterhead, text, signatures and stamps
  • Detect unauthorized entering into secured premises and also unauthorized access to documents and personal items
  • Reveal thieves of valuables with the help of luminescent and coloring substances
  • Mark valuable equipment, objects of culture with lasting individual marks, which can be detected with special lights only

NOVO Corporation offers a wide variety of reagents, chemical compounds and specialized set:
  • Chemicals for protection documents and packages, including those which are hard to detect by standard equipment
  • Chemicals to detect unlawful activities
  • Chemical traps with hard to remove luminescent or coloring substances
  • Special lasting markers for different surfaces


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